Is it possible to create a place where your body becomes still and your mind becomes quiet?

Striving to answer that question led longtime Miracle Manor guests April Greiman and Michael Rotondi to consider assuming ownership of their beloved retreat. Their goal was to create a space where guests might find peace of mind through vastness of space.

As a legendary graphic designer and a world renowned architect, Greiman and Rotondi have regularly grappled with such questions. Rotondi’s architecture practice is marked by an enthusiastic embrace of found conditions as an opportunity for improvisation. Greiman has been influential worldwide for her explorations of image, typography and color as objects in time and space. Here, where space is the object itself, Greiman and Rotondi are the invisible force, allowing nature to do its thing.

The idea comes naturally to Greiman and Rotondi, whose frequent visits to Miracle Manor balanced the intensity of their highly technologized lives long before assuming ownership of the retreat. Their own personal journey literally led them to this place. Now as owners and designers, staying true to the original idea means providing a design that is transparent to the experience.

Creating a visually and literally quiet design allows the desert and the healing waters to take center stage. As the water provides a medium for rejuvenation, so too the environment is a medium for the experience of retreat. With their design, nothing is more than it needs to be and everything seems inevitable.

April Greiman

Michael Rotondi