From the beginning,
we designed Miracle Manor
to be a truly unique experience.
Not quite a traditional retreat center,
not precisely a spa,
it resides between the two,
offering visitors a placid, self-directed
journey to relaxation.

Guests who pay us a visit can't stop returning, whether their goals are to sleep, to heal, to forget, or to focus (sometimes all four in a single trip). The reasons are simple: beauty and quiet.

Our main criteria for the renovation and addition to the Manor has been, from the beginning, that the 'design be transparent to the experience': a place where everything our visitors experience, from the temperature of the water to the quality of light filtering through the windows, was designed to soothe and inspire.

All of our bedding and products are 100% organic. Our natural hot spring waters consistently rate among the best in the nation. Our stargazing is top notch, and our coyotes are polite enough to respect nap time.

Best of all, there's no such thing a "early" or "late" here, because we've abolished clocks. Eat, sleep, swim, read, all according to your natural rhythms. If you're due for a massage, we'll come remind you.

Whether you're an executive or an artist, escaping the city and experiencing a new milieu is crucial to personal and professional development. We are pleased to share our desert hideaway with you and hope your time here brings you peace, rejuvenation, and direction.