The Spa Treatment

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Any visit to Miracle Manor Retreat leads to relaxation - the desert, sky, and warm mineral water pools inevitably conspire to induce even the most stressed of guests to let go. It is the natural first step in changing gears and opening up to the possibilities of renewal.

Furthering this welcome frame of mind, body and spirit, the spa at MMR offers a well-considered array of treatments, each one consciously designed and performed to enhance this state of being. Offered in a single treatment room, outside or in the pool, services range from a muscle-relaxing therapeutic massage with desert stones to the dreamlike weightlessness of water massage.

Treatments have a spiritual cast thanks to lead therapist Rhonda Duvall who uses intuitive, customized solutions to ease tension, sore spots and other barriers to relaxation and wellbeing. The spa menu is an organic extension of the resort’s green efforts and its proprietors’ passion for nature. Botanicals such as desert sage and rosemary are wild harvested or procured from local growers and make their way into naturally aromatic scrubs and massage oils.

The Basic Miracle, MMR’s signature massage, begins with deep inhalations of essential oils, followed by a brief but highly effective round of rhythmic foot reflexology. The rest of the hour therapy is dedicated to releasing tension from head to toe, a miracle achieved with firm strokes and a variety of massage techniques.

Another MMR creation is 1,000 Things, a name that metaphorically refers to the choices available for this personalized 90-minute session. Among the options are a fragrant full-body salt scrub and moisturizing honey wrap; scalp, deep tissue and aromatherapy massage; facials that hydrate and tone; guided visualization and Native American prayer. The therapist works with each guest to determine a goal and create a singular experience not soon forgotten.

The natural surroundings of MMR and its peaceful accommodations are a perfect finish to any of the spa offerings. Guests have the entire resort experience as a seamless after-treatment relaxation lounge but with none of the time constraints imposed in traditional settings. Instead, self-paced lounging poolside or indoors with a full desert view allows the mind and body to reunite naturally and without hurry. That means there’s plenty of time to savor the benefits of any treatment and still be able to soak up the comfort and warmth of the mineral pools for hours longer – even under a blanket of stars.