Miracle Manor Retreat sits atop Miracle Hill in Desert Hot Springs, California, where health-giving, naturally hot and cold mineral springs were discovered nearly 100 years ago, giving rise many years later to a string of hot spring spas. At the top of this hill, closest to the source, MMR provides its guests with unlimited access to two sparkling pools filled with this natural wonder.

Emerging from the ground at 150 degrees
Fahrenheit and cooled to 98 degrees in
the swimming pool and 104 degrees in the
soaking enclosure, the heat of the water
plays an important role in balancing
the body’s systems and allowing the skin
to absorb its nourishing minerals.

Among core spa traditions, soaking in mineral water restores and revitalizes the body. Known as Balneotherapy, the practice has long been used to improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, and relieve pain and stress – which means that soaking in The Manor’s silky, warm water not only feels great but is also beneficial to your health.

Hot water dilates blood vessels and so reduces blood pressure while increasing blood flow to the skin and muscles, easing stiffness. The improved circulation boosts the immune system and helps remove waste products from the body and sends more oxygen and nutrients into the tissues to repair damage. The heat also encourages sweating to cleanse the body from the inside out.

Minerals such as sodium, sulfate and chloride, said to be absorbed through the skin through extended soaking, are helpful for transporting nutrients in the body, helping rid the body of toxins and maintaining proper blood volume, pressure and pH. Did someone say ‘miracle’?

Natural Hot Water
Analysis (in parts per million):

Silica 21.50
Iron oxide, trace
Calcium 045.10
Aluminum oxide trace
Magnesium 5.10
Sodium 268.60
Sulfate 493.60
Chloride 120.50
Bicarbonate 129.00
Fluoride 5.30
Hydrogen-ion activity (pch) 8.30
Conductivity (ec 106 at 25° C) 388.00